The Coming Rebirth of Market Research?

by Larry Friedman, Ph.D., Chief Research Officer, TNS.


Market research began nearly a century ago to fill a very specific need: marketers needed information to make good business decisions, and that information largely didn’t exist. The market research industry grew up to develop that information. As we’ve seen, the methods we’ve use evolved over time, but the basic reason for being for market research never really changed. Until now, that is.


When I was a college undergraduate, I took a class in Advanced Social Science Methodology. One of the books I had to read had the rather imposing title “Unobtrusive Measures: Nonreactive Research in the Social Sciences.” First published in 1966 by Webb, Campbell, Schwartz and Sechrest, the book became a classic text, and has undergone several revisions and stayed in print since then. Continua la lettura


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Data di pubblicazione: 13/06/2013